Purple Onion

Purple Onion

Found this flower, a Purple Onion while Audrey and I took a walk with the dogs this morning in Schomberg.  Audrey of course plays a pivotal role by holding the leashes while I go  lumbering off to another photographic opportunity.

Been relatively busy the past few days.  Bought a new 3 gig hard drive to archive and sort all my images and what a job that has been.  On one hand it’s great to see digital images from 2006 and scanned images from beforehand, but on the other hand my “previous” file storage was horrendous. and I have to create a new system.  Any Ideas?

Still to come:  The continuation of adding my older work to various print selling venues.

Today I thought I would install the WordPress plugin “mail poet” to create the beginnings of a mailing list, unfortunately I found it hasn’t truly been tested on my version of WP and I should make a database backup; so  I think I’ll wait a week or two on that, but be sure there will be a mailing list and after 100 subscribers I will have a free draw for one print.  Stay tuned, more news is to follow.

Contact me for any spring flower print details.  As usual, feel free to comment and share tis page out to the social media universe.  Enjoy!