Honey Bee

A close up photo of a honey bee hard at work

Another image taken while walking the dogs.  At first I didn’t see the honey bee hard at work, but when I did I knew I had the shot.  Enjoy the image and please feel free to comment and/or share it across the social media universe.

I bought my first photo book just out of grade thirteen, and my bookshelves are filled with them. I then discovered art postcards of all the works I liked and collected them.  I liked looking at other photography, with a special fondness of the greats: Callahan, Stieglitz, Weston, Strand, Evans, Penn, etc.  I then discovered other art forms to appreciate with a bend towards the Impressionists, O’Keeffe, Carr, Group of Seven, Van Gogh, etc.  All artists should look at, find inspiration from, and study visual works from the “greats;” it only makes you better. Now I’ve found a relatively new social media platform called ArtStack to electronically collect my favorite images, and was quite amazed at the amount of artwork already stacked there.  Join me there to explore, to share our work, to share what we each like, what we collect, and share what influences us: http://bit.ly/1GCKH5k