Violin Profile


Is this violin image a new photograph?  An easy question, but not necessarily a easy answer.  There is a specific time and place where a image is captured and in this case this violin was captured to a digital file a few years ago.  At that point the photograph exists, but the work is far from done; if it ever is.  There is cropping to be applied, there are adjustments to be made, corrections to be done, and special effects to be added; all to match my personal vision.  But time moves on; you are inspired by other pieces of work, your ideas differ, you favor new techniques and of course the marketplace changes.  So back to the image you go; you rework it, you re-purpose it.  Therefore the time span from making a image, to completing the image doesn’t matter and may constantly change.  It is a new photograph every time you work or rework it.

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