I’m pleased to announce this still life study of a Clarinet, and the image Violin Profile  from the previous blog post are now available at  Feel free to stop by the site, star the images if you like them, Share them, Pin them to to your Pinterest boards., and of course purchase them for your walls.  Any extra exposure is good exposure.

Displates is a manufacture specializing in creating exceptional Metal Posters. All the beautiful Displates that you see have been created by an amazing group of artists(myself included) that are part of our community and whom you support by buying.

Steel used in the manufacture of the metal posters is thick and resistant to atmospheric conditions what guarantees durability and gives certainty that our Displates will serve you forever. The unique mounting system with a magnet is extremely easy to use and permits any arrangement of the artworks in the interior. They are really committed to providing posters with the best quality, every Displate has its individual manufacture number, a signature of the Master of Production and a hologram.  All resulting in a spectacular product and a company I am proud to be represented by.

Enjoy the image