1965 Mustang Fastback

Photograph of a green 1965 Mustang Fastback

1965 Green Mustang Fastback

A few years back I put down my cameras; I was burnt out, I had enough.   I was tired of the cold calls, arguing with clients about price, having other photographers undercut you, having a cousin with a camera think they could do it, having to rush the job but wait for payments, and just the malaise of the business.  The dream was gone. I just got on to other things and enjoyed myself.  I really didn’t touch my cameras for a couple of years; didn’t want to, didn’t feel the urge to.  I found new passions and got on with my life.  I remember selling my view camera, most of my studio equipment and telling friends I didn’t miss it.  Every so often I would offer a print to a charity auction and people would wonder what had happened.  Nothing happened, I was blocked up, burnt out and had had enough.

All was fine until last winter; for some reason I was interested again, I felt something stirring, I went out with my camera and surprisingly I liked it.  Over the past summer I continued with a good number of usable exposures.  Well I’m back; not like I used to be, but I am back.  I have other priorities now, and that’s okay; but I do enjoy photographing, working my images and immersing myself in the photographic world during my free time.  It’s different now, but I have more clarity and am enjoying myself again.

The above image of a green 1965 Mustang was taken for a client who was very pleased with the results.  I’m pleased to say this print along with other reproductions are available at Fine Art America and printed on metal at Displate.com .  I am also pleased to announce I will being taking a limited number of bookings for your classic car photography sessions throughout 2016.  If interested please contact me by email.

Enjoy the image, feel free to comment and share across the social media universe with credit.

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Patrick chuprina

A second test from me on a alternate device.