1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse

A photographic study of a 1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse.

1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse.

Audrey and I used to live above a garage that stored and restored vintage automobiles.  I never had any interest in photographing any of them until this somewhat macabre 1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse arrived on a flat bed.  When I saw it, I just knew I had to photograph it and that started my  Classic Autos series.  I am pleased to announce this image along with various visual reproductions of it is now available at Fine Art America.  Just in time for Christmas; a 30% discount on all my imagery at Fine Art America. All you have to do is type in the discount code when asked: RRTVYP.

For Fine art prints, email me your particulars along with your order information and I promise to mail you a small certificate of authenticity with the title along with my signature which you can then attach to the back; adding provenance and a increase to the value of the print.

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