Floral study: “Lisianthus flower buds.”

A black and white photographic study of two white Lisanthius buds.

A classical photographic floral study:  “Lisianthus flower buds.”  I am pleased to anounce this image “Lisiantus flower buds” is now available at Crated.com as a framed print or printed on metal at Displate.com.

No photographer lives in a vacuum, we all need to look and read for ideas and inspiration.  I often find my self looking at images and reading reading photographic articles and in this way I found botanical photographer Karl Blossfeldt, who until last weekend was unknown to me.

Karl Blossfeldt (1865 – 1932) was a German photographer, sculptor, teacher, and artist who worked in Berlin, Germany.

In 1881 Blossfeldt began his studies as an apprentice at the Art Ironworks and Foundry in Mägdesprung, Germany, where he studied sculpture and iron casting. He then moved to Berlin to study at the School of the Museum of Decorative Arts (Kunstgewerbemuseum). In 1890 Blossfeldt received a scholarship to study in Rome under Moritz Meurer, a decorative artist and professor of ornament and design. Along with several other assistants, Blossfeldt created and photographed casts of botanical specimens in and around Rome.  Beginning in 1898 Blossfeldt taught design at the School of the Museum of Decorative Arts (Kunstgewerbeschule), and in 1930 he became professor emeritus. There he established a plant photography archive that he used to teach his students about design and patterns found in nature.

Blossfeldt had no formal training as a photographer and used homemade cameras that he outfitted with lenses capable of magnifying his subjects up to 30 times their natural size. The use of magnification resulted in images of extreme detail and clarity. With the precision of a botanist, Blossfeldt photographed the natural world for scientific and pedagogical purposes and inadvertently became a modern artist. His work was considered the forerunner to Neue Sachlichkeit photography, which favoured sharply focused documentary images.

Monovisions Biography: Fine Art/Botanical photographer Karl Blossfeldt

The quoted above short biography along with a few of his images, which were the first few I saw can be found at Monovisions.com and a more indepth article with more images can be found at Art Blart.  I’ve also started A Pinterest board of his work, check it out, stop by and have a look.  Yes; my discovery of Karl Blossfeldt came at a most opportune time; just as I was reworking my “Lisianthus flower buds” image to fit the needed Displate and Crated format.