1952 Packard Hood Ornament

A photographic closeup of a 1952 Packard hood ornament1952 Packard Hood Ornament

This 1952 Packard hood ornament was shot at a local shine and show and I am now pleased to announce the image is available printed on fine paper or as a framed print at crated.com.

Give or take a few days this blog is now over one year old along with over fifty entries which averages out one per week.  I have to admit I did not realize the amount of time and work beginning this project and picking up the camera would take, but I am relatively pleased with how it has gone so far.

Like any endeavor there are successes and failures, along with temporary setbacks.  One of my priorities way back when was to archive, cleanup and put in some semblance of order my raw images while cleaning up my hard drives and computer.  I’m sorry to say this project continues today.  The above image of the 1952 Packard hood ornament which was shot a few years ago was a happy find a few days ago.  Long forgotten, it resided unfinished in a folder, within a folder within a folder of raw images.  The work continues and who knows what gems I will find.

One of my biggest disappointments is the lack of social interaction this blog has. So far there have only been two comments and they were from me to test out my comment system. I’m really stymied by this, I know I have visitors by Google analytics, but I often wonder if anyone is actually reading what I write.

At the moment I’m happy with my social media footprint although certain areas need work.  Over the past year my Facebook friends has grown hugely, while my fan page has grown slowly.  I do wish I could get more interaction on my ChuprinaPhoto  fan page to get a greater post reach and engagement.

Instagram is still on the “to do list.”

I really do enjoy my Pinterest account, you’ll often find me in front of the television adding pins through our Ipad.  My followers are growing slowly and I am finding the repinning activity is growing faster the more work I put into it.

I’ve sold a few prints and am happy with that, although of course I’d love to sell more and develop some avid collectors of my work.  I still haven’t put up my work on some sites I wanted to, am currently investigating other sites and I really do want to market some of my images on coffee cups or small note/greeting cards.

Most importantly I have rediscovered my love and passion for photography.  There are new projects in the works, new images to edit, and old images to be rediscovered and overall that pleases me.