“Holland Marsh Farm Shed” now available at Saatchiart

Details of a farm shed located at Holland Marsh

Holland Marsh Farm Shed

Holland Marsh Farm Shed” When photographing this shed my inner dialogue stopped; all that could be heard was the distant hum of farm machinery and I  was inspired by the often overlooked.  This work is inspired by Lewis Baltz along with the “New Topographics” photo movement.

Three years ago I had picked up my camera and was happily photographing whatever interested me at the moment in my free time.  One day it would be snowy landscapes, as the weather warmed it would be flowers, then it would be a old car show, followed by a antique steam engine show.

I had restarted this blog and was posting most of my old photos, as well as investing time in various social media platforms to promote this work in the hope of selling a few images.   One post would be black and white flowers, the next one of my favourite commercial studio still lives, followed later by a musical instrument print.  It was four months before I posted something new; a yellow flower in the forest.

Everything was the status quo, until a Facebook friend and old studio manager of mine introduced me to the work of Lewis Baltz which I posted to Facebook.

Not a easy, nonetheless a great rainy midday read; http://s.si.edu/23gZyev, A Oral history interview with Lewis Baltz, 2009. Much thanks to Ron Watts for introducing the work of Lewis Baltz to me. More of his work can easily be seen on my Pinterest page:http://bit.ly/1Y1jEYO

I recognized myself and what I truly enjoyed to photograph in the work from Lewis Baltz as well as in the work of other “New Landscape” and “New  Topographic” photographers.  After all these years I found a home, a genre of work I truly loved to photograph.