Closeup image of a Steam Engines drive gears.Mechanicals

“Mechanicals,” a closeup image of a working steam tractor’s drive gears.

This image of drive gears from a steam tractor was almost never published and at one point I thought was lost forever along with a lot of my images. Two months ago I suffered a hard drive crash and gained a new brick paper weight.  No problem I thought, until one late night trying to recover the images on the crashed disk I erased my other archival backup!  I live in a rural area, the cost of backing up terabytes of files on the cloud is cost prohibitive.  My flower images were gone, my flower photos were gone, this worked image was gone except in the unworked raw form.  Luckily enough my raw images from the past two years of shooting were on another still working hard drive.

Funnily I didn’t panic, nor did I go into hysterics; although more then a few four letter words were said quite loudly.  For the most part what I thought I had lost were older images and all my archived commercial work.  No big problem I thought; it was old work which I had relied on for so long; it was time to move forward.  Maybe it was shock.

Talking to my friend Gary Brown I decided on a whim to try and recover the information.  What I thought would be a expensive proposition only cost me $70.00, and in the end it was money well spent.  Upon receiving the restored erroneously formatted hard drive I realized it wasn’t my fine art images that were important, but the images long forgotten of now passed on pets, the images of Audrey and of the good times spent with both.  Gary was right, the images were memories of the past and how far I had progressed in life and photography.

Lesson learned, disaster averted, and smiles were brought to my face remembering Ed, Capustahead, Cricket and the good times spent with them and Audrey.