Harbor Lookout in Burlington Ontario

Harbour Lookout.

I am not a landscape photographer. I am interested in people. I am interested in our civilisation. I am interested in what traces we leave in landscapes, in cities and places. But I wait until people have gone, until they are out of the shot. So the place can start talking about us. Places are so much more able to evoke people when people are out. As soon as there is one person in the shot everybody looks at that person. If there is nobody in the shot, the beholder is able to listen to the story of that place. And that’s my job. I try to make places tell their stories about us. So I am not a landscape photographer. I am really interested in people, but my way of finding out things about people is that I do photos about their absence, about their traces.

Wim Wenders.  http://econ.st/2yEGSO3

Been wanting to use that quote for a long time.

Been awhile since my last entry, the winter weather is settling in, and yes I’m feeling a bit of photography burnout.  I can always tell  when i have so many unfinished images on my laptop, nothing ever looks good to my eyes and my thoughts wander away from my long term visual projects.  Couldn’t be a better time to attempt long neglected projects, learn some new techniques and givethis blog some tender loving care.

I’m a voracious reader of all things photography and have developed quite a collection of online links to various interviews of photographers, discussions of various genres of photography, and some great inspirational pieces.  Now I want to share these links on this blog along with my comments in a searchable database. Somewhere I’ve seen articles on how to create this library on WordPress with a plugin, but as usual I’ve lost the link and forgotten what it was called.  Any help as usual would be much appreciated. Off to the WordPress Facebook groups to ask. When completed I know it will be a great database to attract viewers and offer inspiration.

Also somewhere on the world wide web is a blog and this blog contained a great three or four part article dealing with the subject matter something like “So you want to be known as a photographer.”  What struct me about this series was part one and the introspective questions you were to ask yourself before proceeding to the other parts of the article.  I really wanted to have a closer look at those questions and complete them in my journal for my own introspection and share them here.  Unfortunately, like usual I’ve lost the link and my google searches have been unfruitful.