Warehouse Parking Lot Crossing

“Warehouse Parking Lot Crossing.”

The process of photographing is a pleasure: eyes open, receptive, sensing, and at some point, connecting. It’s thrilling to be outside your mind, your eyes far ahead of your thoughts.

Henry Wessel

I came across the quotes of this photographer yesterday and I liked them.  Sometimes you just know, you connect with the image in front of you, everything becomes clear and you know it is going to work.  “Warehouse Parking Lot Crossing” is one of those images.

Once upon a time I was a commercial photographer, a burnt out commercial photographer.  Everything had become a formula, my creativity was getting harder and harder to find.  Everything had become mundane, I wasted my time in front of this laptop doing nothing.  I was becoming angry. I put down my cameras, sold some of them and stopped photographing.

Today I happily admit I am a full-time “big box” sales associate, and have been for over five and a half years.  For the most part I enjoy it liking my  bosses, my workmates, but most importantly I enjoy customer service and helping people.

It took a few years, but I eventually did pickup a camera and restore my passion/love of all things photography.  But it is different now; as  weird as it may sound I get my photographic energy/creativity from my big box job and I get my energy for the full time job from my photography. My postings on this blog,  my finished images, photo trips and completion of self imposed projects may be slowed down or delayed because of my time constraints but that is okay.

It can happen anytime, anywhere. I mean, you don’t have to be in front of stuff that’s going to make a good photograph. It’s possible anywhere.

Henry Wessel

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