Memorial Park Bench, Burlington Ontario

A black and white photographic study of a a park bench memorial located along the shore of Lake Ontario, Burlington.

Memorial Park Bench.

The photographer projects himself into everything he sees, identifying himself with everything in order to know it and to feel it better. – Minor White

I found this image; “Memorial Park Bench,” walking along a path with Audrey and the dogs on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the park.  It didn’t take long to compose; the shadow was perfect, the bench was perfect, the geometric pattern of the cement ground was perfect.  This was another photo given to me.

More on my thoughts from my last blog post: Warehouse Parking Lot Crossing and my photography/work relationship.

When I walk into the “Big Box Store” a switch is turned on and I loose my introverted nature to become a extroverted sales associate. This is not a fake facade, I actually enjoy being around customers. Being a introvert I just expend more energy to accomplish this.   I usually leave my shift tired, bruised and battered. At the end of a series of shifts spanning various hours I am truly exhausted.

Being a introvert I need to recharge my batteries alone, or with Audrey and the dogs.  My walks with my camera, for the most part without people,  are peaceful, relaxing and even therapeutic.  My work editing those images and this blog even more so and my batteries slowly recharge.  I’m not sure whats more important; “my sales associate job for my photography” or my “photography for my sale associate job,” but it really doesn’t matter I’m enjoying the relationship of both.

Reaching a ‘creative’ state of mind thru positive action is considered preferable to waiting for ‘inspiration’. – Minor White


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