“Silos II” now available at Saatchi Art

photograph of two industrial silos

Silos II.” When photographing these images of Silos in a “New Landscape” style of photography my inner dialogue stops and all that can be heard is the distant hum of idle machinery along with the sound of one hand clapping, very therapeutic.  I’m also pleased to announce this image is now available at Saatchi Art as a signed and limited numbered edition print.

Never mind the fact that writing about the images seems to be the least liked activity, with limited time; shooting new images, editing them, posting them on social media and posting them on various gallery sites for sale this blog seems to get the short end of the stick. That doesn’t mean I don’t have plans for this site. read more


A photographic image of silos taken from ground up

Silos, A black and white image of industrial silos htaken from the ground looking up soon to be for sale as a limited edition print.

It has been awhile.  Although this blog has not been updated in close to a year, I have been busy photographically.  Writing is fucking hard. I find it far more unnatural than photographing, or editing images.  Here is a great article by Eric Kim; “How I motivate myself to write,” hopefully it will help.

Toronto Dominion Center Towers


Sometimes I see something, am inspired by something, think something, or dream something,and that visual idea/image will stick with me until closure.  Yesterday I had the chance to be in downtown Toronto under perfect but cold weather to photograph these Toronto Dominion center towers, an Idea I first hatched back last summer.

Feedback, comments and thoughts will play a big part of whether this style of shot becomes a series of images available online.  Enjoy the image, Google + it, share it across the social media universe with credit, and any feedback is most welcome. read more