Rose 2

photograph of a rose

The more sand that has escaped from

the hourglass of our life,

the clearer we should see through it

Jean-Paul Satre

This rose image, the second of two, is now available at Fine Art America making a fine classic two photograph set.  As usual a list of new Fine Art America sponsored search pages are listed below, feel free to click on any of them and enjoy the art.

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Rose 1

black and white red rose

This rose image now available at Fine Art America was inspired by the photographer Yasuhiro Ishimoto and his book Hana(Japanese for flower).

I love books, always did and probably always will. When I was single, I would happily spend my free time visiting countless bookstores searching out the latest photography publications and/or the ones just marked down as specials. Later I would spend my evening hours reading and reviewing the imagery to draw my inspiration from.  Hana was one of these.  I loved how his work in black and white heightened the awareness of a flower’s form, the sharp focus, and the clear detail.  Enjoy the image, to comment about it and of course feel free to share across any social media platform. read more

Wine Bottle and Glass

wine bottle and glass
A photographic and lighting study of a wine bottle and glass.

This image of a wine bottle and glass can be better viewed at Fine Art America. Please excuse this double posting already seen on Facebook, but since I started posting to Fine Art America, some of my postings will be doubled upto reach a ever increasing audience and to add the ever so important Fine Art America search engine links.

I have always been interested in old main stream photographic processes that today are classified as “alternate.” Way back when; in photo school, long before digital cameras, I did my final semester project on the Platinum/palladium print process with some printed examples. My instructor loved the results, I don’t think he returned some of the images actually; but barely gave me a passing  mark because of his wondering “what commercial value was it.” After graduating, I went to the Ontario college of Art, primarily to study under a instructor who was quite heavily involved in the Gum Bichromate process. Needless to say my passion and interest in these processes remains today and the digital process has only helped me to mimic them. To those new to the image enjoy; feel free to share by social media and of course here follows some Fine Art America links to move my images up their search engine results. read more