1952 Packard Hood Ornament

A photographic closeup of a 1952 Packard hood ornament1952 Packard Hood Ornament

This 1952 Packard hood ornament was shot at a local shine and show and I am now pleased to announce the image is available printed on fine paper or as a framed print at crated.com.

Give or take a few days this blog is now over one year old along with over fifty entries which averages out one per week.  I have to admit I did not realize the amount of time and work beginning this project and picking up the camera would take, but I am relatively pleased with how it has gone so far. read more

1964 Ford Falcon Street Rod

Photographic image of a blue 1964 Ford Falcon convertible1964 Ford Falcon

Besides selling my fineart automotive photography on Displate.com, Crated.com, and Fineartamerica.com; I am pleased to announce that I will be taking a limited number of  photography bookings for your classic automobile.  If you’re interested please contact me by email and lets discuss details.  If you’re on Pinterest follow my board of automotive imagery. But most importantly enjoy this image of a pristine 1964 Ford Falcon street rod.

1955 Yellow Chevrolet Bel Air

A closeup image of a 1955 yellow Chevrolet's hood ornaments

“Ultimately, simplicity is the goal – in every art,and achieving simplicity is one of the hardest things to do. Yet it’s easily the most essential.”  Pete Turner

1955 Yellow Chevrolet Bel Air:  I’m a big man; I stand over 6 foot 4, and don’t necessarily like the viewpoint this offers.  I also, for the most part like my images uncluttered and clean of extraneous detail.  Taking these two factors into account you will often see me crawling around on my hands and knees or on my stomach taking images at various car shows, no doubt to the humor of others.  I just shrug off their giggling, comments and barbs to produce images for the most part I am happy with.  I am pleased to announce the image “1955 Yellow Chevrolet” is now available as a art print framed or unframed at crated.com and as a metal print at displate.com.   Enjoy the image. read more