A photographic image of silos taken from ground up

Silos, A black and white image of industrial silos htaken from the ground looking up soon to be for sale as a limited edition print.

It has been awhile.  Although this blog has not been updated in close to a year, I have been busy photographically.  Writing is fucking hard. I find it far more unnatural than photographing, or editing images.  Here is a great article by Eric Kim; “How I motivate myself to write,” hopefully it will help.

Seed Silo

black and white photograph of a metal seed silo

One just has to select the right objects and fit them into the picture precisely, then they tell their own story all by themselves.

Bernd and Hilla Becher

Industrial and mechanical subjects have always been a favorite of mine.  This image; Seed Silo, done in a classical style,  is from a series as of yet unworked images of a seed storage facility that I have photographed frequently over the past few years.  I expect to have this series of images along with other industrial/architectural images ready for sale early in 2016. read more