Closeup image of a Steam Engines drive gears.Mechanicals

“Mechanicals,” a closeup image of a working steam tractor’s drive gears.

This image of drive gears from a steam tractor was almost never published and at one point I thought was lost forever along with a lot of my images. Two months ago I suffered a hard drive crash and gained a new brick paper weight.  No problem I thought, until one late night trying to recover the images on the crashed disk I erased my other archival backup!  I live in a rural area, the cost of backing up terabytes of files on the cloud is cost prohibitive.  My flower images were gone, my flower photos were gone, this worked image was gone except in the unworked raw form.  Luckily enough my raw images from the past two years of shooting were on another still working hard drive. read more

Antique Steam Tractor Firebox

The raging inferno inside a steam tractors firebox.Antique Steam Tractor Firebox

I am a fan of all things mechanical; the older the better.  For some unknown reason I have a special spot in my heart for anything steam and/or kerosene powered. Audrey says I love all things rusty, but this is not necessarily so.  What I do love is photographing the restored details, the wear, the tear, and the workings of these behemoths.  I can be lost for hours photographing these machines, climbing up onto them with the owner’s approval, climbing underneath for a closer look and sometimes merely moving my camera inches for another composition.  “Antique Steam Tractor Firebox,” is one of many images not yet published. read more

Antique Linotype Typesetter Gear

A closeup image of a antique linotype typesetter gear

Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual.

Edward Weston

This image of a antique Linotype typesetter was taken taken during Uxbridge’s heritage day festival.  The operator was nice enough to stop the machine to allow me to photograph this, all the time I saw it in my minds eye a image a classic photographer would have taken.

I have so much work to do; posting and updating this blog, posting images to various gallery websites to sell, growing and keeping my social network updated, and of course photographing along with adding new work to my portfolio.  When I started this project last winter I never thought it would be so time consuming, and have actually fallen way behind my schedule with the to do’s growing faster then the dones being struck off the list.  Two major concerns are getting a decent slide scanner to scan my library of 35mm transparencies and refurbishing my Epson 3800 printer to produce sellable archival prints.  Any ideas? read more