Harbor Lookout in Burlington Ontario

Harbour Lookout.

I am not a landscape photographer. I am interested in people. I am interested in our civilisation. I am interested in what traces we leave in landscapes, in cities and places. But I wait until people have gone, until they are out of the shot. So the place can start talking about us. Places are so much more able to evoke people when people are out. As soon as there is one person in the shot everybody looks at that person. If there is nobody in the shot, the beholder is able to listen to the story of that place. And that’s my job. I try to make places tell their stories about us. So I am not a landscape photographer. I am really interested in people, but my way of finding out things about people is that I do photos about their absence, about their traces. read more

“Holland Marsh Farm Shed” now available at Saatchiart

Details of a farm shed located at Holland Marsh

Holland Marsh Farm Shed

Holland Marsh Farm Shed” When photographing this shed my inner dialogue stopped; all that could be heard was the distant hum of farm machinery and I  was inspired by the often overlooked.  This work is inspired by Lewis Baltz along with the “New Topographics” photo movement.

Three years ago I had picked up my camera and was happily photographing whatever interested me at the moment in my free time.  One day it would be snowy landscapes, as the weather warmed it would be flowers, then it would be a old car show, followed by a antique steam engine show. read more

Floral study: “Lisianthus flower buds.”

A black and white photographic study of two white Lisanthius buds.

A classical photographic floral study:  “Lisianthus flower buds.”  I am pleased to anounce this image “Lisiantus flower buds” is now available at Crated.com as a framed print or printed on metal at Displate.com.

No photographer lives in a vacuum, we all need to look and read for ideas and inspiration.  I often find my self looking at images and reading reading photographic articles and in this way I found botanical photographer Karl Blossfeldt, who until last weekend was unknown to me. read more