White Lisianthus Flower Bud

A closeUp photographic still life of a white Lisianthus flower budWhite Lisianthus Flower Bud

…I can’t recreate my feelings about how I happened to do this or that, because a lot of my stuff was done without any motivation, more than just what I call having a good time fooling around.

Imogen Cunningham

White Lisianthus Flower Bud; part of my growing photographic series of black and white flower images is now available at Crated.com as a fine art print or as a framed print, along with the image printed on metal at Displate.com.

White Orchid available at Crated.com

Closeup of a white orchid photographed against a black background.otographed White Orchid.

Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness.

W. Eugene Smith

I am pleased to announce “White Orchid” part of my growing flower portfolio is now available at Crated.com as a framed print and as a fine art image printed on metal at Displate.com.  Spend at a moment looking into this image, notice it’s subtleties, it’s details, it’s beauty;  I’m sure it would look great on any wall. read more

Two Dancing Tulips

A black and white photographic still life study of two TullipsTwo Dancing Tulips

I have always liked this still life life study of two Tulips and have always felt it was a image captured of them in the throes of some secret joyful spring dance.

You can find this fine art image of a two tulips in my Botanical gallery along with my other work at Crated.com.  Stop by, have a look at these fineart prints framed or unframed, leave a comment if you wish, add them to your online collection, share them across the social media universe and purchase a few for your home or office decor needs. read more