Fern Closeup

Closeup of a Fern

Concerning my photography, I have a list longer then my arm of tasks that need to be done; whether it be loading new images to various websites or marketing said images.  Knowing that, back to the forest I went, camera in hand to see what I could find.  The lighting was soft, the atmosphere was moist and happily I found a abundance of subjects, including this Fern.  One day this image may make it into a photo series, your comments and shares across the social media universe is most welcome. read more

Yellow Flower in the Forest

A closeup photograph of a wild yellow flower found in the forest

A closeup image of a yellow flower taken while on my hands and knees in the forest.  This image was taken for the pure fun of it, yet one day may end up as a image of another photo series.  Feel free to comment and share across the social network universe.

Displate prints now available

Displate metal print display

Some things just naturally go together and my images of tools and the Displate process of printing on metal is one of them. I am pleased to announce my tool series is now available at displate.com, http://bit.ly/1QnvhWO Stop by and have a look, if you like the images star them, even better, purchase a series of them; they would make a great fathers day gift.  Feel free to share this entry across the social media universe, the more you share the more my name and imagery gets out there.  Thanks. read more