Piano Keyboard

Piano Keyboard

I’ve always appreciated narrow vertical or horizontal photographs, whether it was done with a panorama camera, a old banquet camera, stitching together of multiple images or as in this case a tight crop.  I’ve never had great success in posting them with many web based platforms distorting them horribly one way or another but this image of a piano keyboard seems to hold up quite nicely and is available at Fine Art America.

Everyone can take a picture of a building, add the movement away from the realm of reality by incorporating the long exposure streaky cloud feel and the now almost universal Joel post-processing nous. But a photograph is not a picture; it is the imbuing of pixels with part of the artists’ soul, telling a story not via one image but via a holistic series with an over-arching vision and statement. We must not lose sight of fine art; by all means learn high end post-processing, but do not forget to leave a part of you in every image you produce. read more

Piano 2


A photographic study  of a well used and played upright piano.They were given or presented to us on our first day of music class, most of them perfect in their protective cases or coverings. But that was soon to change being under the charge and care of teenage or child musicians. Once the pride of a adolescent musician or a high school band they are soon forgotten and relegated to a corner of a dusty warehouse to await their fate.  Each piece with their dents, bruises and worn off finish, a story to tell, and if we’re lucky fond memories of forgotten music for us. read more