1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse

A photographic study of a 1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse.

1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse.

Audrey and I used to live above a garage that stored and restored vintage automobiles.  I never had any interest in photographing any of them until this somewhat macabre 1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse arrived on a flat bed.  When I saw it, I just knew I had to photograph it and that started my  Classic Autos series.  I am pleased to announce this image along with various visual reproductions of it is now available at Fine Art America.  Just in time for Christmas; a 30% discount on all my imagery at Fine Art America. All you have to do is type in the discount code when asked: RRTVYP. read more

1965 Mustang Fastback

Photograph of a green 1965 Mustang Fastback

1965 Green Mustang Fastback

A few years back I put down my cameras; I was burnt out, I had enough.   I was tired of the cold calls, arguing with clients about price, having other photographers undercut you, having a cousin with a camera think they could do it, having to rush the job but wait for payments, and just the malaise of the business.  The dream was gone. I just got on to other things and enjoyed myself.  I really didn’t touch my cameras for a couple of years; didn’t want to, didn’t feel the urge to.  I found new passions and got on with my life.  I remember selling my view camera, most of my studio equipment and telling friends I didn’t miss it.  Every so often I would offer a print to a charity auction and people would wonder what had happened.  Nothing happened, I was blocked up, burnt out and had had enough. read more

Yellow Desoto

Closeup photo of a yellow Desoto's front grill work.

Yellow Desoto Grill is the fourth image of my new car series; “Candy Coloured Collectibles,” and is now available at Fine Art America. Leave a comment, any comment and feel free to share this image with credit across the social media universe.

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