Twin Vintage Cobras

A photographic image of two orange vintage cobras automobiles photographed while parked in a driveway.Twin Vintage Cobras.

The vintage car show and shine season is fast approaching in southern Ontario.  These late spring and summer months are also the perfect time to capture that stunning image of your four wheeled collectable.  I am pleased to announce the availability of a few open shooting dates; but book soon as these dates are fast disappearing.  These finished images are guaranteed to make a stunning addition to your wall decor whether it be for a office, business, home, or garage.  Father’s day gift coupons are also available.  Contact me at or leave a comment below for further information. read more

1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse

A photographic study of a 1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse.

1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse.

Audrey and I used to live above a garage that stored and restored vintage automobiles.  I never had any interest in photographing any of them until this somewhat macabre 1920 Model T Carved Back Hearse arrived on a flat bed.  When I saw it, I just knew I had to photograph it and that started my  Classic Autos series.  I am pleased to announce this image along with various visual reproductions of it is now available at Fine Art America.  Just in time for Christmas; a 30% discount on all my imagery at Fine Art America. All you have to do is type in the discount code when asked: RRTVYP. read more

1965 Mustang Fastback

Photograph of a green 1965 Mustang Fastback

1965 Green Mustang Fastback

A few years back I put down my cameras; I was burnt out, I had enough.   I was tired of the cold calls, arguing with clients about price, having other photographers undercut you, having a cousin with a camera think they could do it, having to rush the job but wait for payments, and just the malaise of the business.  The dream was gone. I just got on to other things and enjoyed myself.  I really didn’t touch my cameras for a couple of years; didn’t want to, didn’t feel the urge to.  I found new passions and got on with my life.  I remember selling my view camera, most of my studio equipment and telling friends I didn’t miss it.  Every so often I would offer a print to a charity auction and people would wonder what had happened.  Nothing happened, I was blocked up, burnt out and had had enough. read more