Water Pitcher and Bowl

Water Pitcher and Bowl

You do not see with the lens of the eye.  you see

through that, and by means of that, but you see

with the soul of the eye.

John Ruskin

This water pitcher and bowl resides in the hallway of my sister-in-law’s beautiful Muskoka home.  I was always attracted to it, always wanted to  photograph it, and finally did.  It wasn’t the most pleasurable of shoots, always being afraid that something or anything could damage the fragile subject.  Beside the underlying fears, the shoot went well, the water pitcher and bowl were eventually returned undamaged, and the first print resides at her house; a woman’s retreat called My Friend Fran’s. I’m happy to announce this image is also now available for sale at Fine Art America. read more

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Vase, bowl, Pears
Vase, bowl, Pears

“Until we have identified guidelines for

discriminating between a body of work and

any old batch of photographs – there will be

no true canon in photography to be taken


A. D. Coleman

My First post.

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