White Orchid available at Crated.com

Closeup of a white orchid photographed against a black background.otographed White Orchid.

Photography is a small voice, at best, but sometimes one photograph, or a group of them, can lure our sense of awareness.

W. Eugene Smith

I am pleased to announce “White Orchid” part of my growing flower portfolio is now available at Crated.com as a framed print and as a fine art image printed on metal at Displate.com.  Spend at a moment looking into this image, notice it’s subtleties, it’s details, it’s beauty;  I’m sure it would look great on any wall. read more

Forgotten Music: “Clarinet Version 3”

a photographic study of an old clarinetClarinet Version 3. 

“The more pictures you see,  the better you are as a photographer.”  Robert Mapplethorpe

I’m pleased to announce the framed print and other home decor items;  “Clarinet Version 3,” is now available at Fine Art America and is part of my “Forgotten Music” series.  Drop by, leave a comment and of course purchase a copy.

As a bonus, until December 31, receive a 30% discount on all my imagery at Fine Art America. All you have to do is type in the discount code when asked: RRTVYP.  For Fine art prints, email me your particulars along with your order information and I promise to mail you a small certificate of authenticity with the title and my signature which you can then attach to the back; adding provenance and a increase to the value of the print. read more

Chevy Hood Ornament

A closeup photographic image of a 1956, 1957 Chevy hood ornament.

Chevy Hood Ornament is the third image of my new car series; “Candy Coloured Collectibles,” and is now available at Fine Art America. Leave a comment, any comment and feel free to share this image with credit across the social media universe.

One of the issues of this car image was a perceivable banding in black of the Chevy hood.  Luckily, in Photoshop, you can prevent this banding by going to the Filter menu and choosing “Add Noise.”  When the pop up window appears; choose a amount between 2% and 3%, choose Gaussian for Distribution, and turn on the Monochromatic check box.  Click OK and a tiny amount of noise will be applied to eliminate the banding. read more