Succulent Plant Leaves


I take photographs

to see what something looks like

as a photograph.

Garry Winogrand.

Really enjoying the alternative process look of this image, please contact me for print sales details.  Comments and sharing across the social media universe is most welcome.  Enjoy.

Ekinesia Flower

Akinesia Flower

Photographers mistake the emotion they feel while taking the picture as judgment that the photograph is good.

Gary Winogrand

A Ekinesia Flower found on my photo walk in Toronto today.

Mechanic’s Wrenches


You do not need exotic locations, expensive items, or provocative ideas to create art. You don’t have to be a painter, sculptor, or photographer to be an artist either. Subsequently, by their acts of creation; the mechanic, plumber, carpenter and electrician become creators and artists in their own right. Their everyday tools also become pieces of art themselves.

The beauty and interest of these tools lies in the details of the pieces themselves, each having their marks and abrasions telling their own individual stories. The pieces portrayed here are part of a collection from my brother; a retired electrician, my father, and my step father. Each piece is filled with personal memories both good and bad, the scars of being abused by children, and the marks left by heavy use including purposes they were never intended for. Each piece has a story to tell, often overlooked, but pieces of art in their own light. read more