White Calla Lily now available at Crated.com

A photographic still life of a white Calla Lily flower.White Calla Lilly.

Sell the public flowers…
things that they can hang on their walls without being uptight.
Robert Mapplethorpe
I am pleased to announce my image “White Calla Lily,”  part of my Bontanical series is now available at Crated.com.  As an added incentive for these Fine art prints or framed artworks; email me your particulars along with your order information and I promise to mail you a small certificate of authenticity with the image title along with my signature which can then be attached to the back of the piece.

My Adventures with a Google+ Community

I don’t know why my pictures come out looking so good. I just don’t get it.
Robert Mapplethorpe
I work hard on my images, am very meticulous, attentive to details and am proud of the finished product.  I am also not naive enough to expect everyone to like my work.  I also admit to using social media heavily to promote my images, which brought me to joining a Google Plus group called Light Box, a gathering of like minded individuals who critique each others work.  Unfortunately my experiences not necessarily good ones. Critiquing is a skill, and skills improve over time with the right knowledge and continuous practice, if you care to.  It can be a positive experience for both along with being a experience to improve your and the recipient’s skill as a photographer. On the dark side it can be a form of trench warfare with useless information, biased negative assumptions and insults being thrown back and forth.  Here are some of my experiences. Wine Bottle and Glass; a image photographed for lighting and form, a favorite of mine and others but unfortunately is one of my most pirated images on the web. From the group owner;  “have to delete1  because I cannot read the entire name on the bottle.” later on “But even if I wanted to buy this wine I couldn’t, I have no clue what it is,” finally from her after explaining it wasn’t ever a product shot;  “In that case the half label is a distraction, and I’d still rather see just the glass.”  From another senior member from the group: “If I were the art director I’d tell you the photographer that I couldn’t show this to the client.”  Because it was a still life image and without even asking these senior members of the group assumed it was just a “product shot.”  Even if it was they appeared to have no concept of a editorial image whereby sometimes “you sell the sizzle as compared to the steak.” Violin Profile, which to this day is my most successful image.  “

delete2  It looks like an encyclopedia photo of a violin with a stamp-like frame,” or “ read more

Field of Flowers

A photograph of a field filled with yellow and white blooming flowers.

…innocence of eye has a quality of its own. It means to see as a child sees, with freshness and acknowledgment of the wonder; it also means to see as an adult sees who has gone full circle and once again sees as a child – with freshness and an even deeper sense of wonder.
Minor White

Sometimes, with your camera at hand you head out with a specific project or image in mind that just does not work out.  Then on your way home; purely by coincidence, you stop, you look, and you see what you have never noticed before.  I was lucky enough to experience this with a field of white and yellow flowers.

I envision this image and the others to follow as very simple large prints on a wall.  There is no main subject, just a sea of flowers; something you can glance at, or stare into to loose yourself in the details.  Enjoy. read more