Forest Orchids

Photograph of small white orchids found in the forest

Another venture into the woods and another find. These easily missed small white orchids were smaller then my little finger nail and surrounded by rotting logs.   Feel free to comment, join me on my face book page at, share across the social media universe, contact me at for print sales info, and don’t forget to signup for notification of my next blog entry.

Piano Keyboard

Piano Keyboard

I’ve always appreciated narrow vertical or horizontal photographs, whether it was done with a panorama camera, a old banquet camera, stitching together of multiple images or as in this case a tight crop.  I’ve never had great success in posting them with many web based platforms distorting them horribly one way or another but this image of a piano keyboard seems to hold up quite nicely and is available at Fine Art America.

Everyone can take a picture of a building, add the movement away from the realm of reality by incorporating the long exposure streaky cloud feel and the now almost universal Joel post-processing nous. But a photograph is not a picture; it is the imbuing of pixels with part of the artists’ soul, telling a story not via one image but via a holistic series with an over-arching vision and statement. We must not lose sight of fine art; by all means learn high end post-processing, but do not forget to leave a part of you in every image you produce.

The above excerpt was taken from a blog posting titled: The State of Fine Art Photography Today written by Charles Paul Azzopardi, a great read for all those involved in fine art photography.

The past few weeks has seen me trying to get all my social media platform posts up to date and coherent.  It definitely has been a learning experience with more then a few back steps, but I do seem to be having some success in using these tools to get my name out there.  One thing I did learn is do not ask about Google+ in a facebook marketing group, the social media platform brand loyalty is simply amzing and a little scarey.

I have admired and followed Dave Beckerman on the web since the late 90’s and of course have reentered him into my circles on Google+.  To my surprise Dave has 1,514,132 followers and 16,223,441 views!  That is a lot of exposure.  My questions are:  How did he do this; what tricks, if any did he employ or did all of this come from his hard work over the relatively few years Google+ has been in existance?  Any insights or answers would be much appreciated.

Over the past few days have also been playing around with  where my work can be found at:  To my amzement My color image of a wine bottle and glass reached a pulse rating of 98.5; from the article I read at Mikes Blog I’m thinking this is real good.  So stop by and add it as a favorite.

Enjoy my images and stop by Fine Art America in April for a discount on all my floral images.  As always feel free to repost, share, like, promote and comment on any of my images!


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